Protecting your home from rats and mice.

Rats and mice are one of the most common types of pests ever encountered. While roaches love to utilize the compact, city style environment, rats do tend to thrive more in countryside regions. In fact the farms and fields are quite natural environment for these whiskered mouskins. Hence, all it takes is just one step to get from their nearby fields into your house.

Usually the bigger and wider your house, the more difficult it is do actually deal with these annoying mice. The difficulty usually lies in the following, while you can make them leave one hideout, they will quickly hide in some other corner, and this may continue for hours as you try to track them down and outplay these tricksters.

A working solution would be to take out all your sofas and furniture at once, so they would have no place to hide, but that’s an utterly ridiculous idea if you were to accomplish it in reality.

Here you will actually have two options. First option is to hire the home pest control service, who could use both, the sophisticated tools and the skill of their actual workers, who’ve caught a hundred of these uninvited guests in their career. This is option that we prefer most, and recommend it as much as possible. Unlike roaches, getting rid of mice is much more complicated than it may seem, and so while often it will cost you some money, it will remain the best option to hire the professionals. The other option is to try to catch all these mice one by one, tricking them into traps, and poisoning their foods, etc.

The second option is not recommended, but if you are low on budget and have plenty of time (e.g. unemployed), then you could actually give it a try, and maybe learn a few lessons too. Although the poisoning idea may sound the most appealing, in reality I wouldn’t recommend relying on poison. Although it is true that it could actually kill these mice efficiently, you would need to consider the consequences too.

As the mice get poisoned, they will actually look for the most hidden and secured places in order to protect themselves. The problem is when they die, they will start decomposing and this will be very disgusting experience, as soon as you’ll catch this rotting smell that attracts the worms, flies and ants. As they die, you may not easily find them until they start to stench. By that moment they will already be decomposed… If they actually hid in your new sofa, you would be really annoyed with such outcome. Sofas by the way, is their favorite hiding place!

When I was beating around the bush of my farm house, I’ve actually caught some mice with these sticky pads that make them entangled. As you catch one though, you have no options other than spilling their blood with some hacker.